Thursday, March 1, 2012

The first dental chair of many...

Hudson sat, well rather laid, in his first dental chair yesterday. The beginning of a long road to correct his little smile. Although I already think it is perfect.

Me and Mr. Hud drove an hour out to Phoenix yesterday to his Orthodontist appointment that was only 15 minutes long. Ya gotta do whacha gotta do. Dr. Glick only sees her little patients on Wednesdays. Which gives me a chance to meet other moms with cleft babies. I saw 2 yesterday in the office. I hope one day I'll build up enough courage to introduce myself to some of the moms.

Well I knew very well what this appointment would hold for Hudson. I also knew he would not enjoy it one bit! He was going to get an impression of the roof of his little mouth.

The assistant wrapped Hudson in his blanket so he would not wiggle his arms all over and laid him on the chair and held him tight. Dr. Glick explained to me how it would work. Although I already knew what would happen. She used a putty instead of the regular alginate used in dental or orthodontist offices with older patients. It would only be in his mouth for 5-10 seconds as opposed to 30-60 seconds. He was already getting kind of fussy but she worked quick. The 5 seconds seemed like minutes! My poor little guy got all red and his eyes started to water. She took it out a little early because he wouldn't take a breath. And she had to take another one. I calmed him down and she let me hold him the next time. Once a gagger always a gagger. He did the same thing again. But she made it work. That was enough torture for one day.

I wish I could have explained to him what was going to happen. But I just helplessly sat there as my baby kicked his legs and turned red. At least he would forget the whole thing 10 minutes later. I'm glad he wont remember ANY of this when he's older. Just a little scar to prove what a tough guy he is. It'll be like it never happened. It's really amazing what doctors can do with such little people and so early on. They work miracles!

So next Wednesday Hudson will get his NAM. That will be another rough appointment and unfortunately will be longer than 15 minutes. It's going to take a little adjusting for all of us to get use to. I'll be honest it's a little intimidating to me. The tape I can handle, and now I'll have to shove something in his mouth? It's so small! He's really amazing to me though. And I know it will all be worth it in the long run. Just keep swimming right? So I stole this quote from someone who stole it from someone else, and I don't know who said it, but how true it is...
"God doesn't give children with diverse needs to strong people, He gives them to ordinary, everyday people, then He helps the parents to grow stronger through the journey. Raising a cleft-affected child doesn't take a special family, it makes a special family."

It is all overwhelming at times. But spending every minute with this boy makes me stronger every day. Before we had Hudson everyone made clefts sound so simple. Sure he will be as good as new in the end, but they never mentioned the road to get there. And here we are. It's hard to think about the surgeries he will have to go through and this whole NAM thing. Oh how we love our little Hudson so much! I just can't get enough of him! I could stare at him all day but nothing would ever get done around this house. He is so precious and seriously the best little baby ever! He talks and smiles so much! He makes me one proud mamma!


  1. What a sweet post. He looks so tiny in that chair. What a little champ he is. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm so proud of you Kristy! You're an amazing mom. Hang in there. xx