Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bun in the oven.

It's true!
We have a BABY on the way!  I'm still not convinced that's a baby though... We'll see what this little human turns out to be the beginning of January. Curtis is hoping to squeeze him out before then so he'll be on our taxes! I say "him" because I'm feeling it's a boy and from my experience my intuition is 95% always right. Curtis's of course wants a boy too.  I just want to get a few answers out of the way,  because I am noticing  a LOT of the same questions being asked!

1. YES, we are going to find out the sex. How could we not! We want to be prepared for this little one! I am way too impatient to not know what it will be!

2. No, we do not have a name picked out. I'm really picky. It took us a week to name our poor little puppy! Good thing we have 7 more months to go! I don't think we'll get serious about a name until we know if it is a boy or girl. Although I'm super convinced it's a boy, so thats all I have been looking at. Tehee.

3. Morning sickness? YES! Although drop the "morning". I'm constantly nauseous! Which brings me to the next question...

4. Cravings? NO! Nothing has sounded good to me lately! I force myself to eat. Basically if I am constantly snaking, then the nausea is not that bad. I've heard you don't get cravings until later on anyway.

Curtis has already proven himself a great helper. He is always taking care of me & doing so much for me since I have been sick. He never hesitates to do what I ask... or imply. I am not the least bit worried how he will be once the baby is here. We are both VERY excited about this news. And definitely can not wait for our baby to be here!!