Friday, August 19, 2011


That word pretty much sums up the last 3 months in the Hofmann home. Of course I didn't notice it until now. When your among trials it's hard to focus on the good that comes from them & the bigger picture.

Curtis started his job at and kept his job with Fiserv as well. What a man! I have been blessed to marry such a hard working man and someone who is willing to do what ever it takes to save money for a house. I also got a raise at work to contribute to our house savings.

August 2nd we received the best and most exciting news yet!! That we are having a BOY!! I knew it all along. Curtis got his boy on the first try. ;) I think I got to the point where I was so convinced it was a boy that I would almost be disappointed if it was a girl! Although the head bows and dresses would be fun picking out I'm just as excited for a little boy. So bring on the cars and dinosaurs!

AND my nausea finally came to an end! Hallelujah!! Would not wish that upon anyone! Not fun. Our apartment would go uncleaned most weeks. That's not me. I've been able to enjoy this pregnancy a little more. It's been fun watching my little guy grow and my expanding belly. Although I feel people still look at me and wonder if it's just a gut or that I am in fact pregnant. Tough decision.

SO, explain to me this... how can we be so lucky as to go house hunting (on day ONE mind you), find the perfect house, and have our offer be accepted not even 6 DAYS later???!!! Really...? Really! It's true, and it can happen people. Or maybe we just have the best realtor. ;) And Curtis though we wouldn't get a house before then end of the year. We do our part and the Lord does his. The end. The only thing I would change about the house is the location. For years I have been against Queen Creek! Thanks to cousins who live out there and dreading the drive every time. And he we are moving to San Tan Valley of all places! With a GRANDCHILD my mom would add. But it was the only reasonable place where we could get the best financing and have a house before our baby boy. We get to move in sometime in October. Which is perfect timing. I'll finally have a baby room to decorate! The dogs will get their back yard! And Curtis gets his OWN bathroom sink! The house literally has everything we wanted.

Blessed, what did I tell you. A little (or a LOT) of hard work never hurt anyone... right mom?!

A few pictures to concluded...

The One.

Baby Boy Hofmann


It's a boy!!:D