Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss KC...

 I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family!! I have begged politely asked Curtis for months about getting a puppy. I knew he wanted one too. He is in love with my parents Shih Tzu, Kia, so we decided a while ago if we were ever to get a dog, it would probably be a Shih Tzu. So after showing him all these pictures of puppies, I finally convinced him! I woke up last Saturday morning not thinking we would even be getting a puppy that day, but I hoped on the computer and did my usual search on AZ Central for the perfect Shih Tzu baby! I asked Curtis if we could "look" at puppies today. So he said I could call on some. Tehe.  NO ONE had females! Which I really wanted. We did look at a boy, and fell in love with him, but we kept looking. Finally our last call, she had females for us to look at! So I picked out our baby! And we took her home!! I'm in love! She is exactly what I wanted! She is soooo adorable!

She has definitely tried the little patience that I do have I'll tell ya what! I told Curtis if he got me a  puppy I would quite bugging him about having a baby. Right now I'm thinking a baby might be a little easier. At least they poop in diapers and not my carpet! She sleeps in a kennel at night so, like a baby, I get up with her about 2 times in the night. And she wants ALL of our attention when she is not sleeping or eating. I believe she is good practice for a baby! I love her so much! Now we are thinking she needs a friend...

So here is Miss KC Mae...

I love my Daddy.
And I love to sleep!

I can catch the gingerbread man!

I like fish. 
KC's the name and bitting is my game!

You know you can't resist this face!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day!!

I never really cared for the Valentine's Day, but that was before I met this guy...
What a stud. He's my forever Valentine. :)I LOVE him so much! I wanted to make sure he knew how much I loved him on this day of love, so I put it in writing...

We spent Valentine's night at home. He thought I should be the one to plan it since he did it last year. So I gave in and a night at home it was! I brought home our favorite food! A heart shaped PIZZA, and dessert! It does love us back! We both enjoyed it. He got me a huge canvas picture that was one of my fav. wedding pics of us. Can't wait to frame it!

And you could say I got an early Valentine's gift which arrived Saturday night....!

Look at that FACE! Oh my gosh I'm in love again! She's perfect! She's basically why we stayed home. She wants all of our attention. I love my baby! I definitely felt the love this year! I love my sweetheart! Curtis that is... ;)

Bake Off

So me and my mom spent most of our weekend baking! We like to do it for holidays when we have time and remember to! I enjoyed myself and everything turned out amazing! And yummy! We made rice krispie treats dipped in white chocolate and lots and lots of sugar cookies! I brought a plate of cookies to work for Valentine's Day and the recipients of the goods loved them! And I'll have to admit that it made me feel good inside. :)

I don't know why she doesn't think she is creative! The rice krispie treats were such a cute idea! Anyway it was a lot of fun and I probably gained 10 pounds between the cookie dough, cookies, and rice krispies! But it's not a holiday unless you gain weight!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be mine?

Ok so I'll admit it. I'm a blog stalker. I especially love looking at craft blogs! I could spend all day going through those, one will lead you to another and then that one will lead you to another one! It's endless! I had to find something to do with all my spare time. Usually I just write all the good ideas down in hopes of making what ever I found. So I've come across a few yarn wreaths in my findings. And I've been wanting to try it. So I finally broke down and made one in honor of the big day coming up! Thank you Hobby Lobby.

:D I'm pretty pleased with it. It was very time consuming! And Curtis though wreaths were only for Christmas. We are now ready for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't break the ice!

Remember that game? We loved it when we were little. Curtis didn't know what I was talking about. There was this little table and you would turn it upside down and squish these blocks of "ice" into the opening and it was a tight fit. There was 1 block with a bear or someone ice skating on the top. Then you would turn it back over and each player would have a little hammer and they would have to hammer 1 block of ice out. And who ever "broke the ice" and made the ice skater fall would lose. :) Good times...

Anyways! This is what I found yesterday as I was pulling into our apartment complex after work...

What the? Crazy! It sure was FREEZING yesterday! But icicles, really? I only associate icicles with SNOW! So I ran back up front a took a picture for witnesses. I don't know how I could ever live in snow. I'm freezing my butt off here in AZ!! I'm just glad I have someone to cuddle with at night when I get cold.