Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas! I love it! It was so fun to be in our house and have the dogs. They got presents too. But they were just excited to have the whole thing, they didn't even open them to see what was inside. So Curtis helped them out. Right as our alarm went off that morning Curtis sat right up and was ready to open presents! Just like a little boy. I wonder if he even slept that night... He dragged me out of bed and gave me a chair to sit on so we could open presents. Curtis was good to me this year and got me a keyless entry to my car and remote start as well! I love it! It's gonna be perfect once our little man gets here. Curtis's favorite gift was the cooler I got him along with a tool box and tools from my dad. I swear he was going to sleep with it. Funny guy.
We got ready and drove out to my parents to open presents with them. I was so happy Missy was back! It was lovely to have everyone home and there! It just wasn't the same with out her last year. We scored some good stuff from them as well. Since Curtis works at he got a website for my dad to promote his handyman work and services. >>
Christmas next year will be a whole lot different with an almost one year old little boy! I can't wait! He should be arriving any day now! And it's killing me! I can't wait for Curtis to meet him and finally hold him!

Good morning!!
Merry Christmas!

Traditional picture
Alec got a LOT of ties this year.
We make this look good.
Thats one big belly!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Return with Honor

Sister Carroll is home from her mission in the Philippines!!! I could have sworn the last 18 months would never get here! And now I'm married and pregnant! What a sight for her! At least she wont miss the day her nephew arrives! Merry Christmas to us!!

Oh there's no place like home for the Holidays!

I absolutely love Christmas time. And I love that we have our house to celebrate it in! It has slowly but surly become our home as we have painted, cleaned, and decorated it. The improvements on it will be never ending I'm sure. I love parking in a garage! Especially with all this rain! The dogs sure love all the space they have now, with out being quarantined. We have come home to a few messes, but no accidents since the first couple of days. Yay! We have indeed enjoyed this house and we are so lucky to have it!

Before & Afters
Living room/ dinning room
My huge, wonderful kitchen!
"The wall"
This was almost an all day project! Took forever but it turned out perfect! I love it! And don't know what to do with it yet! It is modge podged craft paper.
Christmas Decor... I came home the other night to this... Curtis decorating our tree. How sweet!