Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yup, still there

So every couple needs some time away from they're puppies... or children.

All things considered, we dropped the kids off at Grandmas and Curtis and I left to the Grand Canyon! How random! For some reason I have been wanting to go! I needed to refresh myself on how lovely our Arizona is! We are lucky to live so close to such things. Curtis and I very much enjoyed ourselves! We stayed in Williams Friday night and left for the Grand Canyon Saturday morning (which day is the day we got married 6 months ago). Still as amazing as ever! I could have sat on a bench and watched it all day...

We found some deer on our way up, and they were nice enough to let us feed them... for a small fee.

We didn't forget about our babies.

We strolled down The original Route 66.

And could not get enough of the view! And I'm not talking about Curtis... I do love that man.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Curtis and I took on a project... I had an eye on his Mom's bookshelves for a while and his sister didn't want them so I told her I would take them! They were just stained wood, and I thought they needed to be remodeled and put back to what bookshelves to best... holding books (or movies). It turned out to be a bigger job than I thought, and a very hot couple of days, but we LOVE how they turned out!
Before and...

After! The other one is in our room.

And the in-between...

And some projects you can't do with out The Home Depot.

And a strong man... :)

The babies had to sit this one out.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Desert Camping

Us Arizonian's [well who knew that was a real word] are limited on the things we can do outdoors. But we deal pretty well with what we have. Especially this time of year when the weather is perfect! But you better hurry and enjoy it cause you blink and 120 degrees the next day! We'll call it desert camping. You pack up your tent, chairs, snack (lots of them), burgers, the dogs, and the quads, and you don't have to drive far to find a good spot of desert. Then you sit back in the shade of tree and drink IBC Cream Soda and life is good...

We left Friday night with the puppies (they were lucky enough to join) and met my mom, Coco, Alec and their friends, and my Uncle B and his kids near Florence. Just a reminder to drivers: Please do not pick up hitchhikers. Thank you. So there we stayed. The weather was perfect! And the puppies did great! They enjoyed cow pies and bones and howled with the coyotes. They even got a turn on the quads. Not quite sure if they enjoyed that though... This was the first time Curtis and I got to really use our tent, instead of just pretend in our family room. We were pretty excited about it.

So we found a good spot to hang out after a 15 min quad ride. It was lovely. Right under a railroad bridge and the Gila River. And we set up a rope swing that was pretty dang sweet! And we all promised we would be back come summer time to swing into the water. You can tell we enjoyed ourselves pretty thoroughly... 

What is it about a fire that you can sit and stare at it for quite some time?

Curtis "looking cool"

Do not try this at home. We had professionals around just incase...

Uncle B testing it...

And Allison was first!

Followed by Uncle B


Me, I may look like I'm enjoying it, but I was pretty scared.


Curtis got a big push.

And well, two ropes meant a chicken fight.

Good babies.

And we all went home a pound of dirt heavier.