Monday, March 12, 2012

That NAM thing!

The appointment of all appointments! But really it wasn't that big of a deal now that I think about it.

The little guy can sure handle a lot! After 2 hours and 3 tries we finally left with it in. And I must say, 3rd time's the charm! I thought I was overreacting about how the appointment would go. He did not do well at all with his impression so I really was worried. But I got a glimpse of hope when the assistant first tried the NAM in before she added the adhesive to it. He tolerated it very well! She trimmed it some, added the adhesive, and placed it back in. The hard part is holding it there for 30 seconds just to make sure it adheres to his palate. He squirmed and fussed and then she let go. Then he started to cry and cry. At this point I was still OK. I knew it would take some getting use to for him so I just tried to comfort him. It was in for like 5-10 minutes and he started gagging and it came loose so the assistant took it out. Hudson-0, NAM-1.

The second try I saw some more hope. I fed him a little with it in, but he wouldn't have it. After he finally calmed down, thanks to the assistant, he spit up all he had in his little belly and Dr. Glick had to take it out yet again. Hudson-0, NAM-2.

After I cleaned and changed him Dr. Glick came in and gave me a hug and reassured me. She said we could give it another try or have us come back tomorrow for another round. I knew he could get it! He did stop crying on the last try and was playing with it with his tongue.

He was so exhausted, so I rocked him to sleep and the assistant came in and slipped it in. He cried for a little bit and I was able to put him back to sleep. Yay!! (The ride home was a whole other story!)

Dr. Glick said the first bottle will be a struggle (which it was) but 99% of the time they get it on the second one (which he did). It was a stressful day for the both of us! But he was a trooper and slept 6 hours straight that night!

Taking it out and placing it back in has been a piece of cake, thankfully! I was really worried I wouldn't be able to do it! Curtis was helping me with it the other day and while I was holding it in for the 30 seconds he was smiling away at us! It was the cutest thing. Hudson has done really, really well with it. Which is why that appointment really seems like nothing now. He eats great, like always, and finally has started to suck on his pacifier by himself again. I knew he could do it! He's amazing I tell you!


While it's in.

And you can hardly even notice it!

So tomorrow it's back to Dr. Glick! She is going to add the nasal stent. She said it wont be a huge adjustment. Thank goodness!! Tiny but tough! And we sure do love him!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey of yours!