Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The boy who will one day call me Mamma...

It's true, I'm a mom, and even though I still don't feel like one, this little boy I have been lovin' on for the past 6 weeks will one day call me mom. I think it will hit me then and I'll probably cry. Things have slowly fallen into routine lately. In fact it has been so routine that Saturday night I was about half way to Hudson's room for a late night feeding when I realized it was Curtis's night to get up with him. And you better believe I turned right back around. Routine indeed.

You would think it's Christmas Eve around here with all the tape I have gone through the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately we are not wrapping presents, just making miracles happen. No big deal. The taping continues. The past couple of days I feel like I have finally got it down. I can slap that tape on that little face in a second, crying or no crying.

Everyone asks me if it bothers him. Well if it does I wouldn't know. He tolerates it very well and has not acted in anyway different with it on. I use to only change it about once a day, but lately it has been 2-3 times a day! For some reason one side has not been sticking very well. And I hate that I have to take it of so often. Occasionally it will leave a red line on his precious and sensitive little cheek which makes me sad when I have to put yet another piece of tape on. I keep telling myself that it's all going to be worth it in the long run. I keep looking back at pictures before we started taping to see if it has made any improvements yet. I still can't tell which has kind of been discouraging. But its only been 2 weeks. I was reading another blog about a little boy with a cleft palate and lip and there was a before and after picture of just 2 months of taping and NAM treatment and there was a huge difference! That kind of reassured me.

Hudson has another appointment with the orthodontist tomorrow. I've been a little nervous about this appointment for the last 2 weeks. Dr. Glick will be taking a mold of the roof of his mouth for his NAM (Nasoalveolar Molding). I've worked as an orthodontist assistant for the past year and a half and if an impression can make a grown man gag I can't imagine doing one on a six week old baby! MY six week old baby! I'm sure this is one of many appointments I wont enjoy.

I love being the mom of this special little boy! I almost want people to ask me about him. I can feel all the eyes on his taped up face when I'm at the store with him. I want to tell everyone about him. How amazing he is and all that he will have to go through his first year. How he is going to be so brave and so tough though his surgeries. How I know his strength is far greater than mine. I sure do love this little boy!

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