Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That face.

Our Hud the Stud turned 18 months old yesterday!! That just seem so old to me! He's turning out to be quite the goof ball/ nerd/ weirdo. Ok so maybe we already knew all that... since day one pretty much. But it sure has been magnified as of late! Making us laugh is one of his specialties. He's quite the character.

He is about 20.8 pounds now and that is just me putting him on our scale. He's got 10 teeth now. Still missing his two  top and bottom left laterals. It's weird that those ones have still not come in. It makes me wonder if those teeth will be missing since his cleft was on his left side. I'm excited for him to get an x-ray. Whenever that will be... He does have another dentist appointment in September. I don't think they will do anything then though.

We were very disappointed to discover a fistula in palate a few weeks ago. That is a tiny pin hole on the roof of his mouth, towards the front, like behind his top teeth. It either never closed after palate repair or reopened sometime after. You can totally tell he has a whole when he sucks from his sippy. He's very noisy and it's probably equivalent to us sucking through a straw with a hole in it. I have still not called his surgeon about it. There is a chance the fistula will close on it's own or it will need repaired later on. I obviously don't know any details until I can talk with his surgeon. I'm real sad about it though. Just one more thing that will need fixed. His next surgery, if needed, wont be until he goes to kindergarten. So we still have time. I just worry about it affecting his speech and eating.

Speaking of speech he still only says "mama" and "uh-oh". He's been saying some other things that we don't understand. And some words like "thank you" he just says the sounds with out pronouncing any letters. I'm still not quite worried about his speech yet. But it does make it very frustrating for both of us when he is trying to tell us what he wants. Usually he just takes us by the hand and drags us to what he wants or where he wants to go. And then does this whinny "uh uh" as he points. Funny guy.

He has come to LOVE Curious George! When he wants it on he'll come up to us "ooo ooo". He probably watches too much during the day... When one episode ends he immediately yells for another to be one. Even if he is in the other room not watching it he hears the ending music and runs in the room for another one to be one.

He's still a great sleeper! And still loves to collect things in twos. He gets quite obsessive about it too. As of late we have had to leave the wooden spoons out for him or else he throws a fit. Wooden spoons, spoons, pens, chapsticks, plastic sand shovels, blocks, and cords are just a few of his favorites. He still loves his ball pit, even though he got attacked by a scorpion in it! And he loves to play in the water!

He has already mastered being a big brother to Nova! While in the car today Nova had a blanket over her carseat and Hudson lifted it up and peaked in and "awwed" at her. It was quite precious. He also gives great hugs lately and if you ask for a kiss he'll give you one. He also gives high fives and knuckles. He sure is a lot of fun lately!

Next stop... a 2 year old!

Life with a princess...

Miz Nova Renae is 6 weeks old as of today! Yet it feels she has been with us a life time. She just fits in so perfectly in the Hofmann home. I am so in love with her!!! I love having a girly! She has continued to be the most perfect little thang! And I just don't get it! Besides all Hudson has been through he really has just been an easy going guy so I thought for sure, for sure, this girl would give us some trouble. Think again. The only way she could possibly be any easier was if she didn't poop but that ain't happening! I keep telling myself she must be my prize after billions of appointments, NAMs, and surgeries we went through with Hudson. She's a keeper!

Twice she has slept 11 hours straight. I didn't think that was possible for a newborn! And she continues to sleep 6-9 hours at night! What the!? Somehow she was born with a sleep schedule already. I'll try not to act so surprised when all hell breaks loose and the trouble begins with her. I keep waiting for it to happen but she keeps being so amazing! I thought for sure with all the bragging I've done karma would get to me. Not yet.

I've been sleeping her on her tummy since she came home from the hospital. And maybe that's why she sleeps so great. I've been afraid to test that theory though. Plus I have to keep that little head perfect for all that beautiful dark hair! I'm in love with her head! We don't want any more flat heads... ahem, Hudson. Ooops.

And nursing... whoa, is that another story! I knew it would be hard, but not this hard! I'm proud of myself for making it to 6 weeks! I'm one to take the easy way out of things if at all possible and those first couple of weeks a quick bottle was so tempting at times when I would end up in tears of frustration. I really don't know what has kept me going! The easier it has gotten the more I have enjoyed it though. AND learned that breast feeding really is easier than a bottle! I think she will be the one to teach me patience. Plus I'm a Nova hog and like the fact that I'm the only one who gets to feed her which makes me that much more her favorite. For now at least. It really is something special to be able to nurse her.

So the little lady now weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces as of yesterday! I either just have little babies or I'm starving them... I love that they get to stay little longer. I get my moneys worth out of their newborn clothes that's for sure!

Hudson has just been awesome with her. I really couldn't ask for a better 18 month old big brother! Most the time he doesn't even notice her but when he does he's giving her her paci, touching her toes, rubbing her head, and sharing his blanket with her. Still wont hold her yet though. But he is so sweet to her! Since he's been awesome and she's been awesome having two kids has really been a breeze so far. It has it's challenges for sure but it's been easy to handle. And maybe that's because Curtis gets home from school at 1 and helps out a lot with Hudson. Life is good.

There is just something extra special about little girls. Her spirit is so sweet, so fragile and pure, the way I wish she could stay the rest of her life. I think it takes some extra care in raising a Daughter of God. On Sunday Curtis gave her a name and blessing and I started to tear up before he even started. It was such a perfect day! We love being surrounded by everyone we love!

She really is just so perfect! She is asleep on my chest as I type.

Father's Day