Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's yours like?

If you have been curious as to what Hudson's palate looks like, wonder no more! In his happy and talkative state (which isn't rare) I took some pictures of his mouth. I have a few good ones that show pretty well what it looks like. I think It's kinda cool. He has 2 uvulas! It will be interesting to see the end results. I have no idea how doctors fill that void! Miracles I tell you!

Interesting right? His left side is obviously more severe. 

So he gets his NAM tomorrow! I'm nervous for him, and well, me too. It will stick right up there in his palate. He will also get a stent attached to it (another week) that will go up to his left nostril that will help open and form it. I still don't know the "how" of the whole process but I'll get some more information on that tomorrow.

And just because he's so darn cute...

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