Monday, December 31, 2012

One for the books

Seriously I think this year had 12 weeks instead of months! What the heck happened to it!? Let's see...

The highlight of our was when we brought our sweet Hudson into our lives. Which started our year off wonderfully! After him followed and year of firsts for us! Many good things and a few bad things. It has been the best and hardest year of my life though! And I'm sure I can speak for Curtis too. Well the hardest part of the year has been being a parent! And the best part of my year, well, has been being a parent!! I can't help but just talk about my Huddy in this post since he has just taken over our lives this year! It's been all about him! He's been the good, the bad, and the ugly that this year has been for us. Hah! It's him who has made it hard for me and us. But he is the one who has made it all WORTH it! Of course he has brought more good than bad though... :) The hard part has been constantly learning to be a mom. It isn't easy. The ugly part has been watching Hudson endure all that he has this year. You want so bad to just do it all for him, everything, but you have to sit back and let him learn and experience everything that tags along with a cleft lip and palate. Although I keep wondering whose trial it really is? His? Or ours? We sure have learned a lot from this little boy in just one short year! He's one amazing kiddo! He's definitely been the best part of our year!

Underneath the fame that Hudson has brought we've also had time to work on our house. And OH how we love our house!! We've slowly filled it with furniture, decor, pictures, many, many toys, and our own smell. :) We I've also worked real hard on our backyard! I'm very proud of it! We planted grass in April and by the end of summer it was beautiful! I battled weeds everyday, laid a rock border, watered and mowed that yard! We finally got a weedwacker for Christmas and I got to be the first to use it! After all summer of mowing the lawn I was finally able to finish off the edges!! And now you can actually see my rock border. I enjoying keep up with the backyard. It's definitely our dream home for being first time homeowners. We do love the area of San Tan Valley and we love our ward and the friends we have made in it!

We were able to take a little family vacation to San Diego in July! We absolutely love the beach and enjoyed watching Hudson experience it too!

In September Curtis lost his job at Go Daddy which we had been expecting but hoping for the best. I had faith we were just being pushed into a new direction. After 2 months of no job he finally got one at a specialized loan serving place. Which he hopes to move up in and gain more experience in the loan servicing world. He's decided he wants to get a degree in business and eventually work for the Phoenix Suns in that aspect. So you've got to start somewhere!

Also towards the end of September we found out I was pregnant, again! Besides our worry of what the future might hold for us then we were still very excited! Our new baby is due June 6, 2013 and we hope to find out what we are having in the next few weeks!! We are both hoping for a girl this time! Being pregnant around this time of year AGAIN has been so weird to me! Just this time last year we were waiting for Hudson to arrive! We joke about "not making this a habit". None the less I'm still excited to be pregnant again besides the aches and pains it brings. Just the thought of having another little baby in June thrills me beyond words!

In October we celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Also where the being pregnant joke comes in again- "lets not make this a habit of being pregnant for every anniversary". A new year a new baby!! Why not?! I feel like we have been married for so much longer! In a good way though! We have this beautiful house, a beautiful child, and another one on the way! Why wait? We have eternity together!

So this year has roughed us up a bit and I can't say we've really ended better than we started. (Besides our sweet boy) We are still recovering from Curtis's job loss and we are kind of at a cross roads in which direction we take next. Another "ugly" part of the year. Big decisions lie ahead but I know if our plans can be inline with God's plans for us then I know things will work out for the better.

In church yesterday our Bishop mentioned new year resolutions. I know it's something we all think about as the new year approaches whether mentally or written. We all start out with high hopes in bettering ourselves and making new goals... again. He pointed out that if you take apart the word "resolution" it is then re-solution. Instead of trying again for resolutions this year we should just drop the "re" and actually find solutions to our list of things we hope to better or accomplish this year. Find the solutions this year so that come next year it wont become another "resolution".

I'm glad we get to ring in the new year with the celebration of Hudson's first year of life!! It's definitely something to celebrate! He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives. I love him to death! We also have a big surgery to look forward to the end of January or in February! I have high hopes for our little Hudson during this time! I know he'll be a champ through it, just as he has proven himself so this last year! And of course we look forward to having another baby in our arms in June! Despite our trials I still can't ignore all the blessing that have come our way this year as well. We've had so much of our family and friends rise up and support us as we welcomed Hudson and again when he had surgery and again when Curtis lost his job. We are surrounded by wonderful people and many blessing in life if we just open our eyes to them.

I do love my family! Even on the days that I don't like them.

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