Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fast forward

Hudson just gets more and more entertaining as the months go by! Hudson is 11 months young today! And I just can't believe it! Good thing I'm already pregnant because I've been real baby hungry lately... My next monthly post about Hudson will include a 1st year birthday party!! This past year has just been in fast forward. I wish I would have sat back and enjoyed it a little more. But I'm always so excited for that next step in Hudson life!

I can't say there is anything really new with this kiddo this month. Just improving on his last set of new skills. Like walking! He's pretty good at it now! He thinks he still needs help though. He'll be walking toward me whining because he wants my hand so he can walk. But he's already walking! Silly boy! Still has one tooth. The one coming in on his cleft side is really taking it's time. It's been poking out for the last month but has not made any progress. Hmmm He did learn how to say "hello" and hold a phone up to his ear! Although it's really not a "hello" but more of the sound of "hello". Still cute.

Hudson's favorites lately are:
-Pushing buttons
-His ball pit. Which he will play in and out of for hours!
-Walking, as always
-Being chased. Which is so cute! I'll growl at him and come after him on my hands and knees and he squeals and tries to get away real fast. It's SO cute!
-Being tackled and kissed by Daddy. And dancing with him too
-The dogs. When they are chasing each other around the house he tries to keep up with them while laughing at them
-Throwing fits. When I take him away from something he shouldn't be doing or take something away from him he starts to scream and cry and wiggle out of my hands. Or he throws himself to the floor. It's pretty funny. For now at least...
-Food, as always! I can't believe how much he eats! He was in heaven on Thanksgiving. We all just kept stuffing him and we finally had to stop because his stomach was getting so tight and he just wouldn't stop himself! Does he ever get full?! He's been so good with just about every kind of food out there! He rarely chokes anymore! And when he does it's because he stuffs too much food in his mouth and can't do anything. I'm impressed.

Now that we have AHCCCS we were finally able to move forward with his palate surgery. Although AHCCCS doesn't cover any of his surgery! But now that we do have it we have to apply for CRS (Child Rehabilitation Services) Who will pay for everything. But I was told that wont take long before Hudson gets that. Hopefully by the end of the year. THEN we can get a surgery date which will now be the end of January or beginning of February. Mercy. We can also finally see an ENT for him. And Hudson will most likely get ear tubes when he has his palate surgery. In the mean time we are stuffing him full and hopefully adding on the pounds!

There is really not much to report for this month... I look forward to the upcoming month for sure!! Christmas will be so much fun with him around! I can't wait to give him the gifts we got him! And then we are hopefully planning a birthday party for him!! I still can't believe he will be one! He's too little to be one! :( What a year it has been!!

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