Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Everything can change in an instant.

The second it takes you to check your blind spot could mean the missed brake lights in front of you. In that instant you forget all the lessons you had in Drivers Ed. class. The ones where you learn that turning into the skid will get you out of the skid. No one remembers those when the only thought going through your head is "Why am I not stopping!? Why am I not stopping?!".

It could have been so much worse, and why wasn't it? The freeway had just turned into 3 lanes and I wanted out of the slow lane. The second it took me to check my blind spot caused me to miss the the breaking cars in front of me all too fast. I swerved to the left to avoid hitting the car in front of me which caused me to overcorrect and I started to skid out of control. What was happening?! I turned the steering wheel to the far right and then to the left as I slammed on the brakes. Why wasn't my car stopping!? And why couldn't I steer out of the way?! My car spun and the front passenger side hit the median of the freeway where I ended up facing the opposite direction.

Today I am grateful. I'm grateful my son wasn't in the car with me. I'm grateful for the road workers who stopped the traffic for me and allowed me to turn my car around when no one else offered to help me. No one saw me spin out of control? No one saw me hit the median and crushing the front of my car? No one noticed the the smashed car that was facing THEM!? No one thought that "hey that backwards car might need help?". No one helped the crying pregnant lady but some roughed up workers on the side of the road? I'm grateful someone was there for me.

Today I'm grateful for medians. The one I left my mark on and saved me from driving into the on coming traffic. I'm grateful I didn't hit anyone else around me as I took up almost 3 lanes trying save myself. I'm grateful for family who helps me without blinking an eye. I'm grateful for the little being growing inside me I saw moving on the screen today. Today I am grateful to be alive.

It's moments like these where you step back and realize how horribly wrong it could have been but somehow it wasn't, and why? I can't help but think after the events of this week that we were being watched over. It was just yesterday I received a call front the man that loaned me money to buy my car over 3 years ago release me from my debts. My monthly payments to him were by no means a lot compared to other car loans. But to a family recovering from a 2 month job loss it is. And the fact that I still had 8 more months of payments put me into tears as I told this man, who I admire, what a blessing that would be to us. My eyes again teared up last night as we get a knock on the door only to find 2 boxes full of household and food items. So my heart is full of gratitude today for a Father in Heaven who lead these people to do the things they did and prevent a life threatening accident from being just that.

Count your many blessings folks and give thanks to the One from which they came.

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  1. Happy to hear that you and your baby is alright.God bless you.