Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh baby!

I'm pregnant!! Surprise!

Bet ya didn't see that coming! If you thought having your first baby was crazy try having another one! I feel so advanced in life... yet not really... Hah

So baby number 2 will make it's appearance around June 6, 2013! Sooner rather than later I hope... Stinkin' Hudson! 8 days late is unacceptable! I'm so excited I can't stand it! The day I had Hudson was the best day of my life!! (sorry Curtis, you just can't beat bringing a life into this world ;) ) To think I get to practically relive that day makes me excited beyond words. And knowing the joy that a baby actually brings this time around just adds to all my excitement. I feel so much more prepared... and then not really. Hah! I know what it's like to have a new baby but not to have TWO babies! As blessed as we have been with Hudson I'm actually not worried about him at all. He's been such a good baby I just have a feeling he'll be a good big brother too. As lucky as we got with him I know this next one is going to give us a run for our money!! What are the chances we have 2 good babies... in a row!? Ya right.

So I'm already about 15 weeks pregnant! It has gone by so fast this time around! Thank goodness... Me and patience don't go well together. And my morning sickness is finally fading away. Just when you think it'll never end! It's actually a good thing I'm writing this now with out morning sickness or else I'd be saying things like "I hate being pregnant!" or "Why am I doing this again?!". It probably wouldn't be a very happy post. But things are looking up finally! My house is not being neglected and either are my husband and child. Dark times that morning sickness is... dark times. I don't care who you are, being pregnant is rough! Yet I do love it! I finally have a little belly to show for it! That makes me more excited, then it becomes more real!

I know our chances for another cleft baby are still lower than 10% but I still can't help but worry this one will have a cleft too. I have had so many dreams already that this baby will be born with a cleft too. As much as I want to have a baby with no defects... I also just as much want another cleft baby! It's a weird feeling and I don't think I could ever explain it to you for you to understand. I think so highly of my sweet Hudson. He is so special to us. Why wouldn't I want another choice spirit to come to us? He has inspired me and made me so proud! And yet on the other hand... I don't want to deal with weekly appointments, another possible NAM, and of course more surgeries and costs. And after all our bottle struggles (not to mention I hate cleaning them...) I really really am looking forward to breast feeding this time around. I am almost more anxious to find out if this baby has a cleft rather than if it's a boy or girl! Cleft or no cleft I know I'll be more than happy either way. But we are both hoping for a girl... :) After all... a cleft baby is ALL I know.

Sorry no pictures of Hudson's announcement... :( Apparently I have used all my free space and can't upload any more pictures.