Friday, February 3, 2012


Hudson Patrick Hofmann
1/16/12 5:38PM
7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 inches long

This handsome little boy has taken over our lives since we arrived at the hospital that Monday morning! Somehow I knew he was going to arrive late. And he has since tested my patience. Heavenly Father has unfortunately blessed me with (now 2) wonderful people in my life to help me learn patience. I know He wont stop there either.

So I guess this little angel figured since he was going to be a week late he would make his arrival quick!

I couldn't sleep at all Sunday night, my back was killing me and I was really excited for my Dr.'s appointment in the morning. Curtis and I could not wait another day for our son to get here, so I was going to tell my doctor to finally induce me. We were hoping it could be that day, we didn't want to wait till Tuesday. Curtis almost just stayed home from work that day just in case, but we weren't sure so he had to go in anyway. On my way to my appointment my back was still really hurting, it was on and off. I kept thinking that it might be contractions but I didn't even know what they were suppose to feel like. At my appointment they hooked me up to a fetal stress test to monitor the baby's movements. So I sat there for a half hour still feeling what I thought were Braxton Hicks and back pain. The NP comes back to evaluate everything. She looks at the results and tells me about the contractions it was also picking up. I told her I thought they were Braxton Hicks and she's like, No, these are pretty high on the monitor. Well I guess they were a little more uncomfortable... This made me happy because I would rather go into labor myself rather than be induced. She checks me but I was still only dilated to a 3, which I have been at for a week. She asked what I thought about being induced now. She didn't have to ask me twice! She said Dr. L was already at Banner Desert delivering a baby and that I could go there now! I didn't want to get my hopes up though, she said there was a chance they might not keep me. Since I wasn't in active labor and I wasn't scheduled to be induced yet. 

Good thing I had our bags packed for weeks and I kept up with my showers and shavings...;) Just in case. So I sent Curtis a text telling him I was on my way to the hospital and that I was already in labor practically. I told him to head over there now! I made sure to call him a few times too, just so he would hurry! We met each other at the hospital at about 10AM and signed in. It was beginning to feel so unreal at this point. Nine months of waiting and we were now just hours away from meeting our boy.

 We got put in a little room in triage not long after signing in. I changed into the gown and the nurse hooked me back up to the monitors. And there we sat for a while. I told Curtis it was going to be a long day. I thought I would be in labor all day and night. But I thought wrong... By then I wasn't even noticing the contractions anymore. The nurse came back in around 11 and told us we had 45 minutes to walk around the hospital to see if that would get things going. By the end of the 45 minutes I was definitely feeling contractions. They were every 5-8 minutes. And a little uncomfortable. The nurse came back in at 12 and check me and I was only dilated to a 4. It was feeling like it was a whole lot more by then. Every contraction got worse and worse. We still waited in triage for another 2 hours maybe. Then I got hooked up to an IV (which hurts and is super annoying). And our visitors started rolling in. Curtis's mom, my mom and dad, and Alec were there. By 2:30-3 maybe, the contractions were killing me! I was starting to panic. We were not even in a delivery room yet and I really could have used that epidural by now. I swear there was not even a break in between each one. Maybe a minute or 2! I was getting kind of angry, what was taking so long!? Everyone was trying to help of course. I felt most my contractions in my back. Worst pain ever! I wasn't expecting to feel this much! By then I was starting to cry with each one and they were making me feel sick to my stomach. I probably scared Alec. Curtis was being great. He was where ever he needed to be. I knew he felt helpless though. He kept hold of my hand. 

Finally the nurse came back in about 3:30 with good news that my room was ready. She asked if I could walk, I was afraid, but I was also tired of laying on the bed. So I walked. It wasn't far, luckily I didn't have a contraction while walking. I probably would have fell to the floor. I get settle into the bed and now the contractions were unbelievable. The only thing I could think about was where was that dang anesthesiologist with my epidural. I remember asking how much longer. My new nurse kept saying he was on his way. I don't think I was totally coherent by then. Finally he got there with the epidural. I wanted it so bad, but I was so afraid I would get a contraction while he was giving it to me. Curtis was the only one allowed in the room. Holding still was the hardest part. I don't even remember the pain of the needle. I remember the IV felt worse going in. I did get a contraction in the middle of it, but luckily it wasn't as intense as they had been. I wanted that epidural so bad, it was probably the only thing that helped me hold still. And the fear of how much worse they would have felt if I didn't go through with it. Although I don't know how that would even be possible!

Slowly the epidural kicked in and life was great. Everyone filed back in. I had some more visitors join too. I was able to finally enjoy the company. Although they all got kicked out when my nurse came back in to see how far I was dilated now. Umm, hello, I was at 9cm! My nurse said just barely a 10, and we would have started to push but my water had not broken yet. I sure wasn't expecting to be that far already! It had only been 4 hours since I was last checked and I was just at 4 cm then. Good thing they didn't know how far I was dilated cause I wonder if they even would have let me have an epidural!? 

I couldn't believe how close we were to having a baby! So this was kind of gross but cool, although I never saw it... My nurse put this weird ball between my legs to keep things... open. Then like 10 minutes later I felt what I though was my water breaking. It all felt funny anyway since I could barely feel from my waist down. They called my nurse back in to check. And apparently the bag of water was partly... out, but not broken. The nurse thought it was pretty cool. I guess that rarely happens. Then she just broke it, and we got prepared to push.

At 5, I think, I got to start pushing. I only let my mom and Curtis be there. We started pushing with my nurse, and had to wait for my doctor to get there. He was eating dinner in the hospital apparently. I was lucky enough to have my own doctor deliver the little guy. Once he got there and after about 2 sets of pushes Curtis and I became parents to the most handsome little angel! Once I heard that little cry tears filled up in my eyes. The cord was cut and he was all ours. I just remember thinking how perfect he was while he lay on me whimpering. The moment was amazing and so special! I was a mom.

I wouldn't trade the whole experience for anything! The long 41 weeks and the pain! It's amazing how all that exhaustion and pain can bring so much happiness in an instant! It's a miracle and it's nothing less than worth it!

Of course everyone fell in love him. He wasn't named Hudson until 2 hours before we left the hospital, with a name that wasn't even on the list I had for 5 months. Funny how that works. I just sat there proudly as he was passed around. I had to keep looking at him and Curtis and just couldn't believe I was at this point in my life! It was all unreal. I loved the moment.

As we expected, Hudson was born with a cleft lip and we also found out a cleft palate as well. ( Cleft Lip/Palate FAQ ) That didn't for one second stop us from thinking how perfect and precious he was. It's who he is and it doesn't phase me. We know he'll be as good as knew after his surgeries. It has made for difficult feedings that frustrates both poor little Hudson and myself. We usually end up crying together. This is where my patience, or lack there of, comes into play. It's rough, but love keeps me going. And my wonderful husband who always steps in at just the right moment to help.

Hudson is almost 3 weeks now! They all have been a blur! It has gone by soooo fast! I guess this is the part of your life where you blink and it'll be 10 years later. Yikes. It's been quite the experience taking care of this little boy. Very challenging, yet it all feels so normal. He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Life is good.

After the epidural.


  1. Wonderful story Kiki! I know I already said this, but everytime I see your pictures of him, I remember Patrick as a baby, and all of the emotions come back, because its like me seeing my story all over again. If you ever are needing someone to talk to or to ask questions, I am here and will tell you how we did it. It makes me smile everytime I look at your little boy. His middle name is Patrick, he was born about the same time of day and seems to have the same sort of cleft that my Patrick had, and was born on the 16th. Different months, but the 16th nonetheless. Love you and it will be tough at times, but I would not give up that experience for the world. They are indeed special spirits and they chose us! That is the best part!

  2. He's a doll! And what a wonderful story! :) It is so hard to wait after your due date!!! That's so exciting that you did go into labor on your own though!