Sunday, May 1, 2011

April showers bring May flowers...?

Happy Easter! 

I love love love this time of year! The weather is perfect! It's kite flying season. You got Easter, the Easter pageant, birthdays and swimming! The puppies have notice that it is getting a bit hotter, they don't take they're time outside anymore while finding a spot to do their business. Which is a bonus for me cause I don't want to be out there any longer then they do. They come inside panting and sprawl out on the tile floor. I have to leave the fan on for them durning the day while we are gone. Cause I know I get grumpy when hot.

April was good to Curtis and I. I am sad to see it go, but oh so excited for what comes next! We went to the Easter Pageant with Coco and Garrett. I forget how amazing it is! You think you would get tired of it, since we go pretty much every year. But it is a must see. I leave with a little bit more understanding of what Christ did for me.

And me and my mom did a little more baking, if you want to count making rice krispie treats baking.

The Easter Bunny even came to our home! 
Yes, my babies are spoiled! But I love them. They were more interested in the treats in the basket than anything else. KC got a dress and we made Caesar a tie. They were so gorgeous for Easter Sunday. They even got a bath the night before.... man, I need kids.

No, thats not a really small table, that's just a really big egg.

And you can't really tell but right when we got to my mom's KC decided to play in mud outside! Really? Luckily none got on her dress and she still looked good for pictures. Typical child.

And last but not least, April was not so good to our baby boy Caesar. Friday he had a little stay with Dr. Bramley and came home feeling... less of a man. But we still love you Mr. Caesar!

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  1. Hahaha! You crack me up! You guys are gonna be awesome parents because you already treat your puppies so well! Sheesh, I'm gonna come live with you! :) I love you guys and am so glad I get to hear about your life!