Monday, May 30, 2011

A perfect day in San Diego.

Curtis and I had the lovely, and most wonderful opportunity to go to San Diego and see my cousin Natalie get sealed to her man, Chad, in the San Diego Temple!  The temple was beautiful! It was also mine and Curtis's first sealing we have ever been to. I absolutely loved it! It was such a special moment to witness. And I love to be around my family!

Although I think Curtis might have changed his mind over the weekend...
Since we are not the richest couple around we decided to share a car AND room with my Grannie, Grandpa, and mom! Oh it was sooo much fun! Curtis swears he heard cars starting all night.... we had our own bed so I didn't complain.

We left late Friday night, thanks to my mom, and arrived at our hotel at 2:30 in the morning! A little past my bedtime, thank you very much. Breakfast was at 9:30 so I couldn't really sleep in. Bummer. Breakfast was yummy though, Curtis had a little extra in his bagel sandwich that he didn't pay for...
A little wax paper never hurt anyone.

Smiled for a picture non the less. Of course my man Curtis would end up with the paper in his sandwich. :) Oh how I love you!

After many detours we finally made our way to the wonderful Sea Port Village. I love that place! We met up with Uncle B and little Leah.

Baby looks good on you Uncle B!

Who's eating who now?

Now that's a big Croc.
Why not go out on a boat. No pun intended...

Then off the temple! It was a beautiful day!

The lovely couple.

Curtis is so proud of his beard.

We left on Sunday, but not without having breakfast with Curtis's older brother who is so lucky to live in San Diego. He took us up a little mountain in La Jolla to see ALL of San Diego! It was so gorgeous up there!

Well it was a fantastic trip! And just like any other, it has to come to an end. Curtis said next time we are getting our own room!

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  1. Oh come on, who wouldn't want to share a room with a mom and grandparents? And I didn't hear any cars starting in the night...:)