Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hair cut, nails done, and some new bling! No, no, no, not me. The puppies! It was about time too! Look at these monsters....

How did they even see through all that hair?! And not to mention with the heat! They must of been roasting! They have been due for a little trim for a couple of weeks now, so I finally broke down and called a groomer. And a small fortune later..... wahlaaa!

So gorgeous! Caesar was not too fond of his pony, so that didn't last long. He also helped KC remove hers.  They looked totally different when we brought them home. I almost missed their messy faces! I knew they had little legs under all that fluff! They looked taller and thinner! Although a couple of weeks ago we tried a new feeding method with these little piggies. We use to feed them 3 times a day and they would finish their serving with just 3 bites! So one night we tried leaving food down for them... so they ate, and ate, and ate... half hour later they were fat and full! And finally stopped! They learned their lesson. 
So fat and miserable!

They also grew out of their collars. Poor Caesar was probably choking in his. Curtis wanted to man him up so check out their new bling...
I hope this helps! Spoiled rotten babies...

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