Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yup, still there

So every couple needs some time away from they're puppies... or children.

All things considered, we dropped the kids off at Grandmas and Curtis and I left to the Grand Canyon! How random! For some reason I have been wanting to go! I needed to refresh myself on how lovely our Arizona is! We are lucky to live so close to such things. Curtis and I very much enjoyed ourselves! We stayed in Williams Friday night and left for the Grand Canyon Saturday morning (which day is the day we got married 6 months ago). Still as amazing as ever! I could have sat on a bench and watched it all day...

We found some deer on our way up, and they were nice enough to let us feed them... for a small fee.

We didn't forget about our babies.

We strolled down The original Route 66.

And could not get enough of the view! And I'm not talking about Curtis... I do love that man.

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