Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss KC...

 I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family!! I have begged politely asked Curtis for months about getting a puppy. I knew he wanted one too. He is in love with my parents Shih Tzu, Kia, so we decided a while ago if we were ever to get a dog, it would probably be a Shih Tzu. So after showing him all these pictures of puppies, I finally convinced him! I woke up last Saturday morning not thinking we would even be getting a puppy that day, but I hoped on the computer and did my usual search on AZ Central for the perfect Shih Tzu baby! I asked Curtis if we could "look" at puppies today. So he said I could call on some. Tehe.  NO ONE had females! Which I really wanted. We did look at a boy, and fell in love with him, but we kept looking. Finally our last call, she had females for us to look at! So I picked out our baby! And we took her home!! I'm in love! She is exactly what I wanted! She is soooo adorable!

She has definitely tried the little patience that I do have I'll tell ya what! I told Curtis if he got me a  puppy I would quite bugging him about having a baby. Right now I'm thinking a baby might be a little easier. At least they poop in diapers and not my carpet! She sleeps in a kennel at night so, like a baby, I get up with her about 2 times in the night. And she wants ALL of our attention when she is not sleeping or eating. I believe she is good practice for a baby! I love her so much! Now we are thinking she needs a friend...

So here is Miss KC Mae...

I love my Daddy.
And I love to sleep!

I can catch the gingerbread man!

I like fish. 
KC's the name and bitting is my game!

You know you can't resist this face!

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