Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glitter Toes

So I had a lady come over Friday evening who does Glitter Toes. I LOVE them! It's my second time getting mine done. I had some friends and my sister join in on the fun. If you've never heard of glitter toes, it's pretty sweet and Jen's pretty legit about it. It lasts like 6 weeks! So it's worth it. And she brings like 60 different colors of glitter you can choose from. Which is the hardest part! You think you gonna pick a purple, but then a blue catches your eye. It's ridiculous! Anyway it was tons of fun! Sorry for the Ipod picture, but you can still see all our fun colors!

Curtis and I have been married for 3 MONTHS today! :D And I love him more every day. I feel like it has been so much longer! I love my man! Can't wait for another 3 months. :)

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  1. I just googled Glitter Toes. Wow I didn't know it was like a "thing". Like it's own special category. Is it like a Mary-kay-salesperson-thing? So cool that this exsists cos i love GLITTER! I have to put like 5 layer on when I glitter my toes to get it good enough, then it just peels off 5days later :/