Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another year another dollar...

Or is it day?

Everyone always says how fast each year flies by, you think we would all expect it for the next year! As a New Year Resolution I've decided to take up Blogging. Awesome. I figured since I'm married now my life would be a little more interesting. But not much has changed really. Curtis and I still spend all our nights together, the best part of it is that there is no longer "goodbyes" at the end of the night!

I love being married! And I love the man I married!! He's literally everything I'm not.

2010 ended perfectly. I love love love the holidays!! So much family and food, and nothing goes better together than that! Being married most definitely has it's benefits! TWO families! Thats twice the food and maybe throw gifts in there too. :) Since I married Curtis I also inherited 2 nieces and 5 nephews! Sweet!  I also got to speak to my missionary on Christmas (my most amazing sister in the Philippines), 40 minutes was not enough time! I love her!

Curtis and I went to Payson to play in the snow on New Years Eve day with my mom, bro, uncle, and cousins. It was sooo much fun and sooo cold! The things we do for fun...

Little Tyson going off a jump. Best picture ever! Haha

And thanks to my mom and dad this is what Curtis and I slept in for the past week.....:)

The tent was our Christmas present from them, along with sleeping bags. We love it!! Our Christmas Tree made it feel (and smell) like we really were camping. Sweet! It was fun, and short lived. We can't wait to really go camping in that sucker!

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  1. You camped in it for a week??? AWE.SOME. Lucky thing. Remember when we gunna do that with the fireplace and everything? Good times.

    PS. I love the kisses that get blown at me when I comment