Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEVER tell a 2 wisdom tooth story.

I wish I only had TWO to be extracted! I had all 4 of mine knocked out of me a week ago. It sure felt (and looked!) like they knocked em' out! Worst week of my life thus far. I was in so much pain and all the prescription meds I got made me sick. So I didn't want to take those. The only thing I found out that worked was Ibuprofen. Which I took lots and lots of! And still am!

(The drugs)

 If I would of known what I know now, I don't think I would have gone through with it. Now I just have 4 holes in my mouth. Awesome. And it grosses me out to think about it. My uncle said "just think of it this way, those holes are so big that when you eat, enough food gets stuck in there that it's like a snack later on". Thanks Uncle B.

Luckily I had Coco to keep me company and take care of me while Curtis was at work. Poor thing had to witness me throw up. Nothing is worse. I was glad when Curtis came home to take over. Not that Curtis could do any better than Coco, but I didn't have to act tough for him. :) He even stayed home from work the next day cause I was sick and miserable. I love that guy. Seriously. He made sure of it that I receive a blessing. It was comforting to say the least. I'm so thankful for a husband who really knows what I need. Again, I love him! He came home with this...

 And all he wrote was "i love you babe" and thats all I needed to hear.

Anyway, so with all my lying around and free time I made these...
Of which I am very proud. They were time consuming. Especially the "H". That one is my fav!

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