Friday, January 25, 2013

To the fans...

To all of Hudson's fans out there...

Thank you!!!

Thank you for helping us reach our donation goal and some!! We enjoyed watching the amount rise these past few weeks. It truly and honestly means so much to us. Who knows where the money is off to now... and if I could I wish I could personally hand it to the families that will be receiving the cleft surgery they need. If I can help someone else's cleft journey be a little more easy then I'm there! What means so much more to us though is that you've had our backs. You've showed us in more ways than one that you care for our sweet boy Hudson. And that means the world to us. We have been so incredibly blessed through this journey. And it makes me just that much more brave to battle these next few years.

Hudson's donation page will still be left up if there are any stragglers. Happy donating!

To donate or view his page...
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