Friday, January 18, 2013

A wee little miss!

We are proud to announce that our second child will be a


We were both hoping it was a girl. I knew she was of course. Just like I knew Hudson was going to be a boy! Took me longer to figure it out though. And according to the ultrasound tech there was no apparent cleft lip. BUT, I just wont believe it until I can see that sweet face in person! I feel like it will be a whole new world to us to have a baby with no clefts AND a girl! Phew! I look forward to less drives to Phoenix and less surgeries to stress over. And hopefully I'll get the chance to nurse her. As much as I love little cleft lip babies it's a relief, I wont lie.

SO! Let the fun begin!! I am so excited to decorate another room and shop for girly things! And if she ends up with as much hair as Hudson has I'll be one happy mamma! So bring on the ribbons and bows! I feel like I'm in the safe zone now that I have a boy and a girl. I wont have to keep hoping for one or the other!

I am now 20 weeks pregnant! Half way! Whoohoo! This pregnancy has gone so fast! And my morning sickness didn't last as long as it did with Hudson. It's great. Although she must be preparing me for when she's here... I know I just can't have 2 perfect babies! And Hudson has been so nice and cuddly lately I hope it can last another 5 months! He's so nice to his stuffed animals. He hugs and kisses them and "oooh's" and "awww's" at them. And he loves to come up and give me hugs and pat me on the back. Now if we can just transfer that over to the new baby... I feel like he'll be a great big brother. He's very smart and learns fast.

That's one thing keep forgetting about though... is that I'll already have another baby. I wont be able to just snuggle all day with this little miss like I got to with Hudson. What happens when they both need me at the same time? But I've heard from many people that 2 kids is easy to transition into. It's 3 you have to worry about. SO, lets hope that is true!

I still can't believe I'll have another little baby to call my own! I'm so excited to do it all over again! Ok maybe just some things...

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