Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time flies when your having fun

This guy is my most biggest accomplishment yet! He is the toughest little guy I know! And everything he has been through has not taken that smile off his face! He is now 4 whole months old today! I love that I get to hang out with him all day. He laughs and smiles so much I can't even stand it! He always makes my days enjoyable!

If I had thought the 3rd month brought changes I was wrong! THIS last month has made a huge difference! Even this last week!
-He is so mobile! He tosses and turns and rolls over. He loves to kick! When he gets excited or angry he'll kick faster.
-He is sooo ticklish I love it! And his laugh is the cutest thing I have ever heard in my entire LIFE! Definitely contagious!
-I started feeding him some baby food and he gets better at it everyday! It use to always come out his nose. And I have to take cover if I see a sneeze coming on! It can get pretty messy. But it's always fun! He loves his baby food though and he always opens his mouth for the next bite!
-Sleeping has improved a ton! On great nights he'll sleep 12 hours and just get up once around 4 to be fed. It's all about figuring out how HE likes to sleep. And for him it's with a blanket over his face. Serisouly! He turns into it and usually goes right to sleep.
-He's loving all his toys now and loves to put anything he gets a hold of straight to his mouth. He reaches out for anything that is in front of him.
-He is so vocal too! He'll talk to his toys which I love! And when he throws fits... He yells and yells and grunts and turns all red. It's pretty funny.
-And the slobber! It's out of control! Can't say I'm use to that yet. Oh but I love this kid so much its amazing!

I'm always so excited for the next step of his life but at the same time I know it's already going by so fast! I know I'll miss it once it's gone.

His well check isn't until next week so I don't have his stats yet dang it! I'm sure he's grown some. :) He's such a skinny little thing though. I hope he gets his dad's skinny genes! And I don't mean skinny jeans! Those are mine.

Well only 15 more days until surgery! I knew it would come up quick! It's so weird to me that his cleft lip will soon be taken over by a scar. I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss it. But I do look forward to a new little smile I know I'll fall in love with.

So he went for his first swim which he did very well with! He rocked a speedo and worked on his tan! He'll be ready for the beach babes in July.

We tried out is Johnny Jump Up. But he was more interested in chewing on it and his toys than jumping. I thought he would love it since he so good at standing when your holding him.

I gave him his first hair cut. Just a little trim to even out all those fly a ways! I love his hair! He always gets mats on the back of his head.

He has got the biggest smile I have ever seen! Maybe it's the gap that adds to it. ;)

Still getting use to his bumbo! He'll slide around in it.

Cutest thing ever! I love him so much!

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