Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm the Mom, that's why!

Mother's Day was a little more special for me this year.

This little boy has made me one proud mamma!! I already love who he is becoming.

Curtis kind of lucked out last year since we found I was pregnant 2 DAYS after mother's day. 
But none the less, he took care of me this year as he does with any special occasion. He made me my favorite breakfast which is pancakes and came through the door ringing the bell to this beauty...

Now I just need a basket and a seat for Hudson and I can pretend I'm cruising along the boardwalk of Santa Monica beach like we have done before...

I still can't believe I'm a mom! My days mean so much more to me now. I'm not constantly counting down the hours until lunch break or counting down the days until the weekend. As much as I hate getting up early I'd rather walk into my baby's room and see him smiling than walking into an office. I love hanging out with him all day! We have become best friends and I love that he knows who I am (and loves me the most)! I love my little family! And I love being the mom to my amazing little Hudson!

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