Sunday, March 20, 2011


My puppies are just a little bit spoiled ok. Due to the fact that these are as close as it's gonna get for grandchildren right now for my mom, she'll take what she can get. And since our puppies are her grand babies she has the right to spoil them. Here's what we found and she bought on our adventure to the Swap Meet on Saturday for the babies...

And the results...

2 unhappy puppies.

How stinkin' cute is that! Haha, they were not happy about their gifts from grandma. But they were good long enough for us to quickly take a picture! Sweet babies.

This is one cool dude!

Mr. Caesar eventually gave up on try to take his shades off.  All in all they will get use to us dressing them up. Curtis already mentioned that they will need bunny ears for Easter.

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  1. I haven't seen all these blog posts! They're so cute. Love those lil pups! Did I tell you I blog too? We should do some crafts together and put them up! you wanna read feel free!