Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full House

Look at that face... This is little Caesar. He likes to cuddle up with a stuffed animal. The hair on his head stands up, and will not stay down. He usually keeps to himself, until a mischievous KC comes along and interrupts. He likes to lay on his belly on the cool tile floor. Whenever he decides, and you never know when, he'll plop to the floor and decide to take a quick nap. He likes to look at himself in the mirror, because he knows he is oh so cute. When he drinks from his dish most of it ends up on his furry face and then half of that ends up on your foot. He's not one for kisses but he'll give you a few love bites. And he loves to cuddle up with his sister, KC. Mr. Caesar is a lover.

Miss KC on the other hand... Is always on the go. New things are only interesting to her for about 2 minutes and she moves on to the next. She loves to play fetch with her squeaky fish and is very good at it. She is very nosey.  When she hears her kibble hit the bowl she gets very excited to eat and she'll let you know it. Food is her favorite and will even sit for a snack. She'll chase little Caesar around the apartment (inside and out) until Caesar has had enough and turns on her. KC loves to kiss your face and her bites are not so nice. Sleeping under the couch is ideal for her or next to her brother. And she does not like car rides. Miss KC is a fighter.

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