Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All is quiet on the home front.

How I love a sleeping puppy. (2 in our case especially) It means I finally get a break to sit on the couch and get on the computer to catch up on Glee or browse  through facebook. My constant "life-guarding" slowly comes to a stop as the puppies realize they are in fact tired. The yelling stops too. No more "Off!" or "OUTSIDE!" as they start to circle and sniff. They make their way to the water dish and drink half of it, because they are all out of breath from running from one end of the apartment to the other. They'll find a cool spot on the tile right where it meets the carpet and lay down with the carpet being their pillow.  After they are asleep Curtis and I carefully make our way around the apartment so we don't wake them. And all is calm.

We love our babies. But they sure are a lot of work. We are still working on "the bathroom is outside and not on the carpet" concept. It's a constant battle. And one day (soon!) we hope to win. I think this has been the only time I have ever seen Curtis lose his patience. He does have a weakness!! Hah hah hah! I think he's gonna be one of those dads that when he is mad, he is mad. And tomorrow it starts all over... so goodnight!

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