Saturday, October 5, 2013

Enjoying the journey

Isn't modern medicine just amazing?! Miracles happen thanks to such talented hands.

 "And to others it is given to have faith to heal." D&C 46:20 

I believe that healing others is the gift doctors were given. And I'm so grateful to Hudson's surgeon for not hiding his gift.

I have had hundreds of comments made to me about how amazing Hudson lip looks and I can't help but agree with every person who mentions it. It really is an amazing repair. I always returned with a thank you but really I wish Dr. Beals could be there to hear every comment made about Hudson.

We are so blessed people! To live in this amazing country with such advanced technology right around the corner from us. We didn't have to wait years and years for someone to come along and give Hudson the surgeries he needed. He was taken care of the instant he was born. And he'll continue to be looked after well into his teens.

That face. It just makes me smile. I hope I can teach him to appreciate all he has been through. And to look at his baby pictures and see a miracle in progress. I want him to be confident in the way he looks and be proud of the fact that he was born with a cleft. It's nothing to keep a secret. It's who he was and is and because of the strength he has shown this far I know he wont stop here.

October 5th was six months since his palate repair. Is it weird that I miss his cleft palate too? Well I do. What a day that was. Seriously that was the hardest day of my life so far. That's not what I imagined when we knew Hudson had to have surgeries. Everyone would tell me that it would be an "easy fix" and "not a big deal" compared to what other possibilities there were. Well that was OUR little boy on the operating table, it wasn't an easy fix and it IS a big deal.

So now he has a perfect little palate scar to join his perfect little lip scar. Always there to remind us that there will be hard times we have to go through in life but that by pushing through we can make it out with a smile on our face. If there is one thing I can't stress enough is to enjoy YOUR journey, what ever it may be.

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  1. This boy makes my journey that much more delightful! I love him with all my heart.