Friday, October 4, 2013

A girl named Nova

I'm a slacker! Seriously. I blogged every time Hudson turned another month older until he was one year old! Plus some! I'm three months behind on Nova. But let's be honest, Hudson was a cleft more interesting to read about than Miss Nova! I really have nothing to post about her unless if you want to hear how she sleeps 10 hours straight a night and poops 5 times a day? That's what I thought.

But really, she's great! Gosh, is there really anyway you can describe your love for your children?? I just look at them and want to hug them to death they are so darn cute!! I can't stand it! Nova's laughs make my heart want to burst and Hudson's squeals of excitement as we chase him around the island... They are more than perfect.

Ok well if you really do want to know more about Nova here you go...

She is now 11 pounds 2 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long! She's been rolling over both ways for a few weeks now. She LOVES to be on her tummy! Which is so weird to me because Hudson hated it! But I know it's because she has slept on her tummy since we brought her home. I'm hooked. Tummy sleeping is the way to go! No more flat heads in my house! The girl is still a great sleeper! But we've all known that since day one! Her bedtime is between 9 and 10 and she'll sleep until about 7 and go back to sleep for another 2-4 hours. Which has been nice cause when she goes to sleep then Hudson gets up so I can feed him and spend time with him. And then he goes down for a nap and she wakes up. I actually like it that way. Everyone says to put them on the same schedule so they nap at the same time, but it's easier for me to take care of one at a time!

She smiles, talks, laughs, and plays so much more now. I love watching her! She'll play on the floor for quite a while by herself. She also likes the walker and her swing. Gosh I can't believe she is 4 months old already!! I feel like it took forever for Hudson to turn 4 months old! Maybe it was just the anticipation of his surgery. And I can't even imagine Nova having surgery at this age! Hudson was just so old and ready for it! He was so much bigger to me! And technically he was. He has been over a pound bigger than her at the same age. My petite little girl!!

At 4 months old I already had Hudson eating baby food and cereal. Nova just doesn't seem ready to me. I was planning on waiting anyway. It's kind of a pain in the beginning so why do it sooner than I have to? Plus... I don't like messes. I can't believe how much I have learned with Hudson that makes having Nova so much easier! It's awesome! I know what I'm doing with her, but Hudson... He's another story. All his mile stones are still knew to me. The tantrums? Hilarious, but frustrating when I'm trying to get him to eat! And potty training is just around the corner! Sometimes I get excited about it and then other times I think it would be easier to just stick with diapers. I'm lazy.

And everyone and their dog who told me it would take about three months to get nursing down well, you were right. I feel so confident now! We are gonna make it! And speaking of lazy... I love not getting bottles ready and packing formula. I LOVE not having to wash bottles!! I seriously loathed that chore for some reason. We just grab the diaper bag and go! I just love it! She'll look up at me and smile and then go back to eating. It really is quite a bonding and special thing. It's been really hard work to make it this far and I'm very proud of myself for not giving up. It's kind of cool to think that even outside of my belly I'M the one still making her grow! And I never would have understood any of this if I wasn't breast feeding.

I've really enjoyed having a girl! Even though she hardly ever gets bows in her hair! Keyword: hair. She has some (OK a lot) so maybe I don't feel as obligated. Plus I think they are really annoying! Bur for some reason I keep buy them. They are so dang cute!! She does have her earrings and bracelet that is always on though! There is just something about having a little you that is so special and makes you want to be all matchy, matchy. It's fun. I love her.

She's going to be a ball of fire I know it! She's very dramatic already. No patience. Wait, that reminds me of someone... She'll be the one to toughen Hudson up! My sweet, caring little boy.

Oh what fun it is to have one of each!! Having two has still been pretty easy! Their age gap of 16 months has been perfect!!! To all those who said otherwise. Ahem. Seriously, why do people have to be such downers? I got tired of seeing peoples eyes grow wide when I told them how far apart they would be. And all the "Your gonna have your hands full!" comments. Ya well I'll have my hands full with 2 no matter what. Then there was this one day at church when I was already well over half way pregnant and I actually got my first "Your going to love it!" comment. I seriously wanted to cry!! She made me feel so much better!! So don't be so doom and gloom with your comments to parents. You may not agree with their situation but they do and negative comments are nothing but unhelpful!

Life is beautiful and so is this girl!!!

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