Monday, October 1, 2012

Why we do what we do!

It's 5:20 in the morning and I pray that the noise I heard wasn't the whimper of a little boy but it quickly grows louder. I rush into his room (seriously I run sometimes) to catch him before he stands up. If he is still laying down the chances of him going back to sleep for another hour are greater and if he is standing I know it's going to be an early morning... He usually cries harder when he sees me and desperately reaches out for me as if his teddy bear were about to eat him. He clings onto my shirt and I finally pull him out and give him a long squeeze and a few good morning kisses. As much as I hate getting out of bed so early I usually instantly forget about my anger once I hold that warm little body in my arms. And yet another day begins.

My impatience has won me over this past month as I have constantly battle over sleep with a little boy.  I've gone insane as I fight with him to stay on his back while I change his diaper or when his little hands are just too quick for me and knock a spoon full of veggie puree onto his high chair, and when he thinks he needs to stand up in the bath. I've been easily annoyed lately and I feel terrible when Hudson has to see me so upset. He never ceases to make me smile though.

I've focused more on the bad this past month rather than taking the time to enjoy the good. Like having the chance to spend the past 3 weeks (yikes) at home with Curtis and Hudson. I feel like I have made it more miserable than enjoyable for them both! Curtis lost his job the beginning of September which provided us with awesome insurance for ourselves and most importantly Hudson. It's taken a big toll on Curtis as he has stressed and worried over an income but somehow we have had more money in our bank accounts than we have had in the past few months. Since Curtis started school this semester we've be able to get grant money which has been a huge blessing! I also have a very strong testimony in paying tithing to the church and even though we are trying to save all we can I know it's more important to put the Lord first in our lives and have faith that everything will be OK.

So I welcome October with open arms, new goals, and a better outlook. October is kind of a special month to us. It's the month when we got married, the month when we got sealed in the temple and the month where we found out about Hudson's cleft. Amidst all our trials in life I'm thankful for special moments such as these to remind me why I do the things I do. To take me away from all my frustration and back to the things that mean the most, my family.

So it's Hudson's Story I want to share. Which I absolutely love to do. He has just been so inspiring to me. He always amazes me. His story is featured on the Cleft Palate Foundation website as their Story of the Month for October. And I'm so glad that it just happened to be THIS month. So if you have not already heard or read his story (or want to read it again, like me) here is the link to the site...

Hudson's Story

Like I've said before it hasn't always been easy but he has made it, oh, so worth it! Life could never be more meaningful with out these two in it!

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