Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 months and counting!

My little pumpkin is 9 months old today! Dang! And somehow I love him more everyday... This past month we've have been able to spend lots and lots of time with daddy! Hudson LOVES his daddy. Although I'd rather have Curtis at work, it sure has been nice to have him home with us. He's been a great help in so many ways!

Hudson has been on the move for a while now! He frequently rearranges our DVD's, changes channels, tips over trash cans, loves play with the toilet if we forget to close the door, and digs handfuls of dog food out of the bag if we forget to close the pantry door too. If he can't have it he'll find a way to get it! He's good at keeping himself busy for hours though! He'll only start to fuss when it's time for a bottle or nap time. He's pretty awesome. The dogs have become less of a fan on his though. Hudson fails to recognize their presence and steps all over them as he cruises along things. He also loves to hang onto their tags. He does think they are a hoot though! He'll craw up to them while they sleep and sit there and just chuckle at them. It's pretty funny.

Lately Hudson has become only a mama and daddy fan. All of a sudden he started to realize not everyone is his mom and dad. He only wants ME! I must say I've been waiting for this moment for a VERY long time... Ever since I was young I've always want a baby to want ME, and reach out for ME! How special it must feel! So since I had Hudson I've been waiting for this! It sure does make me feel special and wanted too. I love that I know Curtis and I are his favorite people. Selfish? Maybe. But what can I say he IS mine. :) Along with this he's also been oh so cuddly!! I love it! He just cuddles up right in my neck and I squeeze him so tight! I've rocked him to sleep a few times because I just can't let go!

He never ceases to make Curtis and I laugh with his goofy expressions and silly noises. He is definitely an added joy in our home. We can't get enough of him! I can't wait to hear what his surgeon has to say next week about his palate repair!

Since I had the opportunity to share Hudson's Story on the Cleft Palate Foundation's website I've had a few responses from other cleft moms. Some who just happened to find my blog. I love hearing how inspiring our journey is to them. That is all I have hoped for in sharing Hudson's story. It makes me happy that I can help out other moms who are looking for help or some reassurance. I've tried my best to make it a positive experience. I love that my baby is different and he will grow up knowing that he had a cleft. It's not something I want to hide from everyone because it's made him who he is! And I'm proud of all that he accomplished in just 9 months of life. THAT'S something to be proud of!

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr. Seuss

At "Hudson Park"

You can't camp without a hammock! 

Smile? Goofy faces, what I tell ya?!

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