Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Birthday Girl

I was JUST pregnant with her yesterday how can she be one already!? Seriously DON'T BLINK! In my eyes she's still like 5 months old. I'm quickly reminded she's a one year old though when I see her climb all the way to the top of our little slide and throw tantrums when I don't give her what she wants. Drama mama! Oh how fun and different it has been to have a little girl!

We have enjoyed having her in our family! She is a hoot! Just as goofy as the one before her! She is the complete opposite of Hudson. Messy, crazy, no shame, tough, an explorer, and very much a mama's girl! She loves to jump, kick her feet, dance, climb, eat, nurse, bug Hudson, yell, talk, play in the water, wander, snuggle, and play outside. She hates getting her diaper changed. She is very impatient. She has 4 top teeth, 1 bottom, and a second bottom one popping through! She just started actually walking this week! She had to meet her deadline! And she's 18 pounds! According to our scale at home...

Seriously don't let her skinny little self fool you though! She's always ready to go! As crazy as she is she is my best cuddler though! She loves to cuddle before she takes a nap or goes to bed at night. I love it! Hudson never cared to cuddle. She is a very sweet girl too, she gives her stuffed animals loves. I forgot how smart they can be at one year old! She is a quick learner. Although she loves to climb she is very careful and cautious about it too. She will let me know when she is stuck and can't get down.

I had so much fun planning her Pink Lemonade Birthday Party! Pink and yellow have kind of been her theme all along. I love those colors together. So happy and summery! Even her room colors are even pink, yellow, and mint. She had so much fun today! We did it at the splash pad at Espee Park. She loves the water! It was a hoot watching her dig into her cake! I knew she would be quick to do so! She destroyed the WHOLE thing!! And I wouldn't be surprise if it was half she ate. And then she had fun opening her presents! Finally we have girly toys now! Hudson enjoys them all too!

And now for a billion pictures...


And a few from our trip to Mexico!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!

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