Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Along came Nova

Excuse me while I take a few paragraphs to brag about my labor and delivery, and a beautiful little girl named Nova...

It all started about a week before I was due which was June 6th. As the date slowly grew closer I began to lose hope for an early baby. Thanks to Hudson being 8 days late I tried not to get my hopes up but that plan quickly failed when I was 3 weeks away from being due. I knew that just the next day would be "the day"! But I was disappointed when that day would end with not one sign of labor. So a few days before my 39 week doctor appointment I got the idea that I wanted to be induced. This was a big debate for me because I am a strong believer that babies will come when THEY are ready. Hence, why we waited an extra week for Hudson. Plus I've heard horror stories about inductions that kinda scared me. Ones that lead to c-sections and that's definitely not what we wanted.

At my doctors appointment that Friday I found out I was already 3cm dilated and 90% effaced! So close right!? Well I was excited to know I was progressed so far already but this is what happened with Hudson, I had the same progression for another week before he was born. The PA let me know that I could be induced anytime now. She said all I would have to do was call the office and tell them I was done! Well now that I knew having our baby girl was just a phone call away I had all weekend to talk it over with Curtis, who felt the same about inductions as I did. And continue my own personal battle in my head whether it was the right decision or not. I had wondered why this decision was so hard for me. I had wanted her to come early, to come now! This is what I wanted! Besides I was done being pregnant. Curtis told me Sunday that he supported me in what ever decision I made. So I said let's do it!

Monday morning as soon as I could I called my doctor's office and told them I was ready and wanted to be induced! Well the front desk gave me the extension to the lady who schedules the inductions which of course went straight to her voice mail. I left my detailed message and waited anxiously the rest of the day to hear back from her. By 4 o'clock with no call, I called again, just to be sure my message wasn't missed or anything... But I had to leave another message. By five I gave up waiting for her call since the office was closed. But at 5:10 I got a call and sure enough it was her! She explained that my induction was approved but she could not call the hospital today because the scheduling department was closed but she would get back to me first thing in the morning.

Well Tuesday morning I made sure the sound on my phone was up high and kept it close by at all times. I didn't want to miss this call! I tried to keep busy with Hudson as we played out back. And at 10 AM she called! To my utter surprise and delightment she got me scheduled that day at 1 PM!!! I thanked her a billion times and we hung up. With only 3 hours to get ready I didn't waste time! I let Curtis know who was in school and would be done at 12 (perfect!) and called my mom.

This was it!

I dropped Hudson off at my parents and met Curtis there. We were both so excited on our way to the hospital! Once we got there we signed a few papers and waited an hour for a room to be ready for us. And a little after 2 we made it into a room. I changed into the 3XL gown and got hooked up to the monitors. Woohoo! At 3 I got an IV and then at 3:30 the pitocin started. The contractions started almost immediately and at 5 minutes apart! The nurse was surprised at how far I was already progressed and said that this should go fast. I didn't doubt it! My labor with Hudson was only 6 hours and everyone told me the 2nd is always faster. I thought maybe it was no coincidence the thought of being induced came into my head. This might go a lot faster than we all anticipated!

Funny guy

Keep em' comin'!

After a half hour maybe with the pitocin the nurse came back in around 4 and uped the dose. She said they range the amount from 2-36. Starting at a 2 I was now at a 4. And my contractions were already getting uncomfortable and closer together. She left us again and I was already considering an epidural. She mentioned to us earlier how another patient requested the epidural before her water was even broke, as if saying she might not have needed it that soon. So I felt like I had to tough it out now until my doctor came to break my water. Well every contraction got worse and closer together and I was getting nervous! She came back in again and unhooked me from the monitors so I could get up and move around which did help the pain. With no certain time on when my doctor would be in to check me I told her I could use that epidural now. Now I'm not a very assertive person and she kind of talked me out of it. So I waited some more. Bad idea. Don't try and tough it out if you already know you're going to get an epidural!

At about 5:30 the contractions were pretty unbearable and very close together. I told my nurse I was ready for the epidural! Now! I was having flash backs to Hudson's delivery. It all happened so fast That I didn't get my epidural until I was dying in pain and already 9cm dilated! Well that's how I felt now. Stupid for not just getting it earlier because I was too afraid of what the nurse would think of me for wanting an epidural after only an hour of contractions...

It took about a half hour for the anesthesiologist to make it to my room and another few minutes to set everything up and get ready to give me the epidural. It was about 6 PM now. All the while I was sitting on the side of the bed wanting to cry with each contraction! Just as he finished with it I had the strangest feeling. My body was making me push!! But I didn't say anything to anyone. I wasn't quite sure what I was feeling. Once back in bed and the pain slowly wearing off I turned to Curtis and told him I think I need to push! Shortly after and during a contraction my water broke! Everyone heard it.

There were 2 other nurses in the room along with my nurse and the anesthesiologist who was finishing up on the computer. They were all surprised! And one went to get my doctor. Meanwhile my nurse was telling me not to push yet! Luckily the pain was pretty much gone and the urge to push wasn't as bad. But I sure felt a lot of pressure with each contraction and it was hard to hold back! Once my doctor got there he checked me and sure enough I was 100% ready to go! My nurse was amazed with how fast it went! Heck, we all were!

Well after 3 pushes in the span of 2 minutes a princess was born...

Nove Renae Hofmann
6:20PM 7 LBS 20 INCH

Who knew labor could go so quickly! It was a little less than 3 hours from when the pitocin started! And only 2 minutes of pushing! If you're wondering why I still look so good, well there ya go! I knew we made the right decision to be induced after that! The feeling I've had each time I hear that little cry for the first time is indescribable! The moment is so heavenly and so so special. We were in love with her full head of dark hair and her sweet little face!

Miss Nova has been an angel! I can't get over how perfect she is and has been! She's been sleeping 4-7 hours at a time and never cries unless I take too long to feed her. She is the cuddliest little bug ever and has so many sweet sleepy smiles. 

So far having two kiddos has been 10x easier than I thought it would be. Hudson is pretty much awesome anyway and Nova is an angel so its been a breeze! They even nap at the same time already! Hudson is slowly warming up to her. He'll "oooh" and "awww" at her now. And he plays with her toes. Today her paci fell on the ground and he said "uh-oh" and brought it to me and tried to put it in her mouth. And here I thought he would just steal it! He wanted nothing to do with her in the hospital. He shook his head at her and shrugged away. He was even mad at me! But he's been his normal self since he came home.

We are in love with this little girl and love dressing her up! There is no denying how blessed we are and have been!

And then there were four.

Home sweet home!

She loved getting her hair done!

First sponge bath. Loved that also!

Her hair is so curly when it's wet and she gets the perfect wave on top! Unfortunately when it dries the curls are gone and it's pretty crazy. 


  1. Congratulations! She's beautiful.

  2. Eep! She is just so cute!! And Hudson looks like he's figuring out the whole big brother thing wonderfully! :) That is crazy how fast things went once you were on the Pitocin. How exciting! :) And seriously, if my next baby is late I don't know if I could wait again. It was torture with Holland!