Monday, September 10, 2012

When you love someone...

I always thought it would be Missy who would get married first, being the oldest and all. Then I could go to her for dating questions, marriage questions, and then of course she would be the first to have a baby, so I would ask her baby questions too. But you never know what your going to get in life! She went on a mission and I got married and had a baby. I sure felt old when she came home last December to see me 8 months pregnant, married and owning a house! She was the one who asked the dating questions and the marriage questions. And sometime in the future she'll ask me baby questions I'm sure. I love it! I have always looked up to her! She has always been an amazing example to me! Saturday the 8th I got to see her and Lance get sealed in the Mesa, AZ Temple! It was such a special sight to see! She deserves nothing less! It made me think of the day Curtis and I were sealed. One of the best feelings I've ever had was kneeling over that alter with him. Families can be forever!

So Lance is from the Mormon colonies somewhere around Chihuahua, Mexico. His family still lives there so the Wednesday before they got married we all packed up and drove to Mexico! They had a reception for them there on Thursday. It was a blast!! Lance's family is awesome! We all had so much fun with them! I was kinda sad the day we left.

The first night we got there we played games with them and went 4 wheeling in the rain! The next day we went 4 wheeling again and drove for about an hour into the mountains to a little dam that had a zip-line that we rode into the water! So fun! That night was the reception that turned out amazing and had delicious Mexican food of course! And the next day we pack up again and drove home. This time with Lance's family. And then Saturday they got married and had a reception here. I love weddings! It was such a busy week and little Hudson was a trooper! I so happy to have a sister married now! Now it's Coco's turn in just about a month!

This was his neighborhood! I loved it!

And his parents house.

The area was so beautiful!! We drove past hundreds of acres of farms.

Did I mention the weather? It was awesome! 

This was our trip into the mountains. It rained so hard the past couple of days that the dirt roads had huge muddy pools of water! It was so fun to drive through!

The dam




I did go down it, but I don't know what happened to the picture!

Lance's nieces were the cutest!

Lances nieces and nephew. They all love Missy.

Huddy and Uncle Alec

Auntie Coco

Alec was happy with the girl to guy ratio. 

The drive back to America. We all laughed as we turned onto a dirt road! We drove on it for about a half hour. We were all impressed when we found out Missy's honda civic could go 4 wheeling too! A little scary a times though...

Then all of a sudden we turn a corner back onto the street and there was New Mexico! It was hilarious. This was not the way we came so we were all surprised when we saw the border so quickly.

We almost had to leave Hudson behind. I didn't know I had to bring his birth certificate! Luckily I had his shot records and they said that was ok. And it was a really small border station and they said the bigger ones aren't so nice. They wouldn't have wanted him anyway. :P

Happy Day!

My favorite people!

They asked for it...

 Oh I enjoyed the week so much! I'm so happy for Missy and Lance! I told Curtis we need to move the Hofmann family to Mexico! I loved it there! Now I can't wait for some nieces and nephew!!

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